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CWDA has a dedicated staff of Cambodians and international volunteers. Meet our team below.

Hun Phanna

Acting Executive Director

Phanna is one of the founding members of CWDA and has been working here since its inception in 1993. In 2006 she became Acting Executive Director. She has experience working for various NGOs and women’s organisations, including the Phnom Penh Municipality Women’s Association. In particular, her areas of expertise are community development and social work.

Chhoeung Sunlay

Program Coordinator

Sunlay joined CWDA in 1993 and is the Program Coordinator for the Community Self-Prevention against Trafficking of Women and Children Program. She has extensive knowledge and experience of working with women in the community. Before joining CWDA, Sunlay was employed by the Phnom Penh Municipality Women’s Association.

Keo Sichan

Program Coordinator

Sichan joined CWDA in 1993 following the dissolution of the Phnom Penh Municipality Women’s Association, where she was previously employed. Sichan is the Program Coordinator for the Women’s Health and HIV/AIDS program and works closely with the Cambodian Prostitute’s Union (CPU). She is passionate about women’s issues and women’s development.

Chan Ratanak Ubol

Program Coordinator

Ubol is the Program Coordinator for the Vocational Education Program and joined CWDA in 1993. Before this, she worked at the Phnom Penh Municipality Women’s Association. She holds a BA in Community Development from Build Bright University.

Sao Sotheary

Finance & Administration Officer

Sotheary always wanted to be part of a women’s organisation so joined CWDA in 1997 as the Finance and Administrative Officer.Before joining CWDA, Sotheary was employed by the Ministry of Business. She has two Diplomas: one in Business, the other in Accounting.

Tony Masy

SMILE Program Officer

Masy is the SMILE Program Officer, having joined CWDA in 1995. Prior to joining CWDA, Masy worked as a literacy teacher.

Chhouk Sithan

Outreach Worker

Sithan joined CWDA in 1998 as an Outreach Worker for the Community Self-Prevention against Trafficking of Women and Children Program. In the past Sithan worked as a reporter for a Cambodian newspaper in Phnom Penh. The skills she developed as a reporter have been beneficial to her work at CWDA.

Ossoth Thavy

Outreach Worker

Thavy joined CWDA in 1995 as an Outreach Worker for the Community Self-Prevention against Trafficking of Women and Children Program. Prior to this, Thavy worked with women in the community in Battambang.

Serey Mealy

Safe Shelter Manager & Counselor

In 1998 Mealy joined CWDA to conduct research into the trafficking of women and children. Two years later she took on the dual role of Safe Shelter Manager and Counsellor. She is grateful for her role as she enjoys working with children. Mealy has undertaken several counselling courses and constantly updates her training to ensure the girls at the shelter receive the best possible care.

Or Sokchhoeun

Safe Shelter Carer & Weaving Instructor

Sokchhouen joined CWDA in 1995 as the Safe Shelter Carer and Weaving Instructor. She lives on site to ensure the girls in the shelter have 24/7 care and support. Sokchhouen was a weaving instructor before she joined CWDA. The girls at the shelter know her affectionately as ‘house mother’.

Mr. Phav Phary

Program Officer

Mr. Phav Phary supports CWDA in a number of projects, notably the Vocational Training Program where he is responsible for Curriculum Development, English Language Instruction and Administrative Affairs. He has been with CWDA since 2013. He holds an MBM, Master's in business management, and two Bachelor's in English and Management.

Chhorn Chanchhaya

Administration & Accounting Teacher

Chanchhaya joined CWDA in 2012 and teaches in Administration and Accounting for the Vocational Education Program. She holds a BA in English from the Royal University of Phnom Penh and a BBA in Business Administration from Norton University. Chanchhaya believes that CWDA ‘gives individuals a chance to grow and have a good future’.

Pov Phanit

Librarian & Administrator

Phanit joined CWDA for the 2nd time in 2012 as the Librarian and Administrator. She also assists with the SMILE Program. Prior to joining CWDA Phanit worked as an administrator and secretary for a crafts and souvenirs shop. She enjoys her work at CWDA and says ‘it is a good organisation to be part of’.

Yim Dara


Dara joined CWDA in 2007 as the CWDA driver. He is responsible for driving staff to field visits and maintaining the organisation's vehicles. He has several years of driving experience prior to joining CWDA.

Em Chamroeun

Security Guard

Chamroeun joined CWDA in 1993 as a Security Guard.

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