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Women’s Safe Shelter

Safe Shelter provides support and a safe refuge for up to 20 young girls and women aged 8-20 who have been victims or are at high risk of trafficking, rape and gender-based violence.
CWDA runs a Safe Shelter in Phnom Penh, which provides a safe refuge and support for up to 20 young girls and women aged 8- 20. These girls have been victims of trafficking, rape and gender-based violence, or have been identified as being at high risk of this in their home environment.

Not only do we provide them with safe accommodation, medical treatment, food and clothing, but we also ensure the girls receive formal education, counselling and vocational training so as to effectively rehabilitate and reintegrate them into their families or society.

The Safe Shelter is an essential part of CWDA’s work to prevent trafficking and violence against women in that a safe environment is vital for both victims and the girls we find at risk. We do our very best at the CWDA Shelter to provide the girls and young women at our Safe Shelter with a supportive and happy environment where they can start looking positively towards the future.

Srey Pich’s Story:

Srey Pich was 6 when her father died of Hepatitis. Her mother, with four other young children and a large debt to pay off, was offered the chance to clear it – by selling her daughter.

For six years Srey Pich was forced to work as a domestic servant in the market. She did not go to school or have interaction with other children. When Srey Pich, aged 12, arrived at the shelter she was angry, violent towards others and reluctant to learn or play with the other girls.

Through continuous counselling, support and education, she has flourished into an ambitious young woman with huge potential. She has learnt to weave, speaks English and enjoys skateboarding and yoga. She’s in Grade 12 and is hoping to study at university next year.

You can support Srey Pich and help others like her by kindly donating here.

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