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Meet the dedicated staff of the Cambodian Prostitute Union

Chan Dyna

CPU President

Dyna has worked for CPU for over fourteen years. She was an entertainment worker (EW) from 1993 until 2000. She facilitates monthly meetings where EWs in target areas can share experiences and receive education and advice on key issues affecting them. Dyna often speaks out on behalf of EWs in an attempt to influence legislation and to end the stigma against EWs. She is passionate about educating society on the fact that EWs have little choice in their situations; they have to work to feed their families. As well as being President of CPU, Dyna is also the national leader of the Entertainment Workers Network and is involved with the HIV/AIDS Coordinating Committee to reduce the spread of HIV.

Sor Sambo

Project Staff

Sambor has been working with CPU since 2012 as a Project Assistant. She works to strengthen the capacity and work of the CPU team and collaborates with related organizations and institutions. She is responsible for monitoring the target groups and also educates them on STD prevention and HIV/AIDS, drug use and healthcare.

Noun Chanthou

Outreach Worker

Chanthou is the manager of a bar as well as a former EW. She works closely with around 400 EWs in her locality. She explains to new clients how CPU can assist them and encourages them to receive health checks and HIV testing. Like Sambor, Chanthou educates EWs on contraception, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse. She also collects research to help strengthen women victims’ cases and conducts follow up visits.

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